About Us


Torq Instrument Supply Inc.

Torq Instrument Supply Inc. is a Grande Prairie based instrumentation supply company that offers parts and inventory services to local end users and contractors. We are a customer service based company that offers one on one attention. We are the optimal destination for all local Instrumentation Technicians to provide a one stop shop for all his/her needs to get out to the job site with minimal delay. We maintain a neutral status and do not compete for any service contracts allowing us to treat every customer with the priority you would expect anywhere else.

With many years of experience in parts and instrumentation we have the knowledge and ability to source and supply all products available on the market. We can provide options and handle all your inquiries from the beginning to the end. You really just have one contact to deal with so you can focus on what you are doing on site. 123


Mission Statement

We strive to be the acknowledged leader and preferred supplier of instrumentation products by helping our customers continue success in the fast paced oil and gas industry.     123